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  Name David Millward  
  Job Title Sound Engineer  
  Nick name Milky  
  Job description Knob Twiddler  
  Things that are good about the job Travelling to nice places and meeting nice people  
  Things that are bad about the job The actual travelling bit  
  Why do you do it? Can't think of anything else to do  
  Real age Unknown  
  Show business age 29  
  Gender Old Man  
  Favourite drink Caipirinha's  
  Favourite frequency 50 Hz  
  Least favourite frequency 630 Hz  
  Favourite Embrace song I'll think about that one and let you know  
  Worst curry house One in Ayr quite a few years ago with The Waterboys crew  
  Best curry house Kiplings, my local in Highgate  
  Favourite colour Can't make up my mind about that one  
  Hair length Very short at the moment  
  Facial hair If it's of any interest I shave about every 3 days  
  Distinguishing features Ask somebody else!  
  Favourite country I love so many of them but Japan is hard to beat and Oz  
  Favourite city London at the moment  
  Favourite venue Any one where the equipment is good and it all works  
  Least favourite venue Opposite of the above  
  Favourite airline Virgin  
  Favourite hotel That Mexican style one in Sardinia with the salt water swimming pool  
  Oddest thing purchased from a service station after 1 AM, whilst drunk Nodding Dog which was eventually stolen from my car  
  Pastimes when not on tour Sitting in cafe's, drinking good coffee and wine and eating good food  
  Other bands worked for The Mission, All About Eve, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Kinks, The Pretenders, Swing out Sister, Right Said Fred, etc etc, currently Spiritual Beggars  
  Last CD bought Soundtrack to the film Run Lola Run  
  Best gig ever Most memorable was my first time at The Royal Albert Hall many years ago with All About Eve, but Embrace at Brixton Academy was pretty damn good  
  Which member of the band has the best hair cut Mikey Best of course!  
  Favourite film in th back of a tour bus Grease or Spinal Tap  
  Favourite song to EQ a PA with Talk Talk, Happiness is Easy  
  Most unusual gig ever done On a luxury boat moored off the coast of Sardinia  
  You're adrift in a boat with no food, which member of the crew would you eat The fattest, so definitely not Gordon  
  Favourite foreign phrase Chin Chin Burari  
  Oldest tour T shirt The Mission Slob Crew 1987  
  Favourite food Good food is good food  
  Ham and cheese. Discuss. Ham, Mozzarela and Tomato on toasted Pannini bread from my local Cafe or forget it!  
  Complete this well know saying: Happy Happy Joy Joy...... Untuck that T shirt and have a shave!  


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