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  Name Beeves  
  Job Title Keyboard Tech  
  Nick name Beeves  
  Job description Keyboard Tech  
  Things that are good about the job The band  
  Things that are bad about the job The band  
  Why do you do it? Beats building damn's  
  Real age 33  
  Show business age 69  
  Gender Beever  
  Favourite drink Strawberry milkshake  
  Favourite frequency ooooooooooooo  
  Least favourite frequency eeeeeeeeeeeee  
  Favourite Embrace song One big family  
  Worst curry house Mine  
  Best curry house Eastern Delight in Longroyd Bridge  
  Favourite colour Green  
  Shoe size Don't do shoes  
  Type of underpants Lacey ones  
  Hair length N/A  
  Facial hair Slight jazz furniture  
  Distinguishing features Flat tail  
  Favourite country The United State of Huddersfield  
  Favourite city So far, Copenhagen  
  Oddest thing purchased from a service station after 1 AM, whilst drunk Banana milkshake  
  Pastimes when not on tour Play football with Stewart  
  Other bands worked for Creme Broulle  
  Last CD bought Jurassic-5: quality control  
  Best gig ever Jimmy Smith  
  Which member of the band has the best hair cut Steve  
  Favourite song to EQ a PA with I'm Broken - Pantera  
  Most unusual gig ever done In a cave  
  You're adrift in a boat with no food, which member of the crew would you eat Miami Dave  
  Favourite foreign phrase Ey up lad ow t'barn?  
  Most expensive drink ever 40 for a glass of milk in Barnsley  
  Oldest tour T shirt Rainbow  
  Favourite food Humous  
  Any tour injuries to boast about Kick in head whilst filming Dan from pit  
  Ham and cheese. Discuss. Hammond eggs?  
  Complete this well know saying: Happy Happy Joy Joy...... ..put that bottle of red down and get on with some work  


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