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  Name Des Hill  
  Job Title Drum Tech  
  Nick name Des what fu*k off  
  Job description Dogsbody drumtech  
  Things that are good about the job Fu*k all  
  Things that are bad about the job Everything  
  Why do you do it? Cash  
  Real age 36  
  Show business age 52  
  Gender Bloke  
  Favourite drink Red Bull  
  Favourite frequency BBC1  
  Least favourite frequency Channel 5  
  Favourite Embrace song Dry Kids  
  Worst curry house Berlin somewhere  
  Best curry house Sweet Center in Bradford  
  Favourite colour Black  
  Shoe size 9  
  Type of underpants Boxers  
  Hair length N/A  
  Facial hair Goatee (stylish)  
  Distinguishing features Big cock  
  Favourite country Republic of Yorkshire  
  Favourite city Leeds  
  Favourite venue Hull Adelphi  
  Least favourite venue Hull Adelphi  
  Favourite airline Singapore (tellies in every seat)  
  Favourite hotel Mariot Resort Gold Coast Australia  
  Oddest thing purchased from a service station after 1 AM, whilst drunk I Dont Drink !!!  
  Pastimes when not on tour Hammock in garden  
  Other bands worked for Strummer Nick Cave  
  Last CD bought shoplifted  
  Which member of the band has the best hair cut Mike Best  
  Favourite film in th back of a tour bus Terminator three  
  Poshest do attended in a T shirt Browns nightclub  
  Stupidest comment or question asked by a member of the band I play better when I'm fat - Bestie  
  You're adrift in a boat with no food, which member of the crew would you eat All of em  
  Favourite foreign phrase Nackenspoiler  
  Oldest tour T shirt Sheep on drugs  
  Favourite food Pies  
  Any tour injuries to boast about 2 Broken ribs bone in foot various head knocks  
  Ham and cheese. Discuss. SHITE!!!!  
  Complete this well know saying: Happy Happy Joy Joy...... All singin all dancin little lord fontleroy posh red wine drinkin with little finger stickin out all swedgin miami kareoke Dave  
  EMail drums@embracecrew.co.uk  


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