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  Name Gordon White  
  Job Title Guitar Tech  
  Nick name McHulk  
  Job description Polishing guitars  
  Things that are good about the job Steves hair  
  Things that are bad about the job Bad hair days for Steve  
  Why do you do it? Because Im a man  
  Real age 36  
  Show business age 46  
  Gender Jock  
  Favourite drink Big bottles of booze  
  Favourite frequency Twice nightly  
  Least favourite frequency Once at Xmas  
  Favourite Embrace song The good will out It nearly makes me cry when Im feeling fragile I had a time  
  Worst curry house Gotta be the one in Berlin Das Curryenhaus  
  Best curry house Sheesh Mahal Kirkstall Road Leeds  
  Shoe size Big enough thank you very much  
  Type of underpants Paper  
  Hair length Depends which way the wind is blowing Currently North Westerly  
  Facial hair Only when Des kisses me  
  Distinguishing features Big nose Glasses Weathervane hair  
  Favourite country Peoples republic of Burley in Wharfedale  
  Favourite city Atlantis  
  Favourite venue Any dark smelly pit will do  
  Least favourite venue I love em all  
  Favourite airline Virgin I like the name  
  Favourite hotel My house  
  Oddest thing purchased from a service station after 1 AM, whilst drunk Little Des He works harder than Big Des  
  Pastimes when not on tour Worrying  
  Other bands worked for Nick Cave Joe Strummer  
  Last CD bought Badly drawn boy Buy it now It rocks  
  Best gig ever Devo Sheffield City Hall 1980ish  
  Which member of the band has the best hair cut Obviously Steve Mild  
  Favourite film in th back of a tour bus Anything with Winona Ryder in it  
  Poshest do attended in a T shirt My own birth  
  Stupidest comment or question asked by a member of the band Is this a big garage Gary? Dan on pulling up at a garage none of us had ever been to in Germany  
  Favourite song to EQ a PA with Silence  
  Most unusual gig ever done Tommorow nights gig  
  You're adrift in a boat with no food, which member of the crew would you eat Miami Dave He comes already marinated in fine red wine  
  Favourite foreign phrase Chinchin burani  
  Most expensive drink ever A round for Miami Dave  
  Oldest tour T shirt Cud  
  Favourite food Sweeties  
  Any tour injuries to boast about Ask Tony Perrin  
  Complete this well know saying: Happy Happy Joy Joy...... All singing all dancing swedging hard bastard now with gripping hands and real hair Karaoke Milkies bitch Miami sound machine  


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