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  Name Gary Robinson  
  Job Title Tour Manager  
  Nick name  
  Job description Everything  
  Things that are good about the job Nothing  
  Things that are bad about the job Touring  
  Why do you do it? Ackers (cash )  
  Real age 29  
  Show business age 6  
  Gender ...Yep  
  Favourite drink Becks  
  Favourite frequency My Local  
  Least favourite frequency My auntie Jean`s house at Christmas.  
  Favourite Embrace song I`ve Been Running  
  Worst curry house mmm..probably one in Berlin which was pretty friggin awful.  
  Best curry house Harefield Tandoori ( my local )  
  Favourite colour Blue  
  Shoe size 9  
  Type of underpants Boxers / Leopard skin thongs ( weekends only )  
  Hair length None...zilch...baldy bloke  
  Facial hair Yep...3 on chin  
  Distinguishing features None....apart from a nose that looks like I`ve had a fight with a bus.  
  Favourite country Sri Lanka  
  Favourite city Probably San Francisco  
  Favourite venue mmm...probably the Brixton Academy.  
  Least favourite venue Er...Binario Zero, Milan or the Adephi, Hull.  
  Favourite airline Singapore  
  Favourite hotel Marriot Resort, Gold Coast, Australia.  
  Oddest thing purchased from a service station after 1 AM, whilst drunk One windscreen wiper.  
  Pastimes when not on tour I`m always on tour....time at home is the only pass time for me.  
  Other bands worked for Elvis, Hendix, Lizzy, Tap.  
  Last CD bought The Best of Curtis Mayfield.  
  Best gig ever I`ll come back to that...  
  Which member of the band has the best hair cut Mikey Best P.I  
  Favourite film in th back of a tour bus Spinal Tap  
  Poshest do attended in a T shirt The `Live` awards  
  Stupidest comment or question asked by a member of the band Gary, that hotel in Hamburg had really nice shampoo that made my hair really soft. Can you call them to find out what it was and have a box flown over to the UK. - name withheld  
  Favourite song to EQ a PA with I`m a Tour Manager, not a white glovin` sound engineer.  
  Most unusual gig ever done Shampoo in Bangalore, India. Sunken stage, full mime. Audience consisted of about 200 `Bollywood` stars. Band had to look up to see the punters, who, funnily enough, were`nt really interested.  
  You're adrift in a boat with no food, which member of the crew would you eat The Great White......Gordo  
  Favourite foreign phrase Kok Kin Kow ( Japanese )  
  Most expensive drink ever Single shot of Jamiesons Whisky at hotel bar in Seoul, Korea - 16.00  
  Oldest tour T shirt mmm...not a big fan of tour merch.  
  Favourite food Thai...then...Indian  
  Any tour injuries to boast about ...only my spirit.  
  Ham and cheese. Discuss. ...nice with cuppa soup.  
  Complete this well know saying: Happy Happy Joy Joy...... ...all singing, all dancing,  
  Own web site address    
  EMail It is NOT possible to contact the TM via ANY embracecrew email address. ALL email sent to the TM at an embracecrew address WILL BE IGNORED!  


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