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Friday 30th July 2004

Hi, just wanted to point out that about 70% of the links on your links page dont actually work :(
also needs added and ive submit a few too so get em up ! ;p


Thursday 12th August 2004

It's been a while since I checked all those links, and 70% is maybe a bit over exaggerated :-)

Happy And Lost now has it's correct URL of and I've validated the ones you (and maybe others) submitted, well the Embrace relevant ones anyway :-)

I Hope You Are Happy Now!



Wednesday 21st July 2004

Does anyone know when and where SG10 is going to be?


Sunday 25th July 2004

No idea! Is there going to be a SG#10 already?


Friday 30th July 2004

SG10 !! thats quite a figure !have to say tho secret gigs were extremely atractive for a while but after days on end of not being able to work out the pass i gave up on them :/



new Album/Tour
Mike Watts
Monday 12th July 2004

Are you lot going to be going back on the roads with the lads in the next few months?


Sunday 25th July 2004

Not sure if all the old crew are going to be available for the up coming gigs. We all hope we will be, but time will tell........



last ever hit on this site
Monday 19th April 2004

where have all the people gone? how you old twats doing.its been a long time since i drunk my way round the country with you stone heads.hope you are all still alive. piggy.......



First message of the year?
Sunday 04th April 2004

Can't believe this is the first message of the year... in April! Surely some messages must have fell off. Any how just wanted to say hi to y'all. I'm still involved in the industry but currently taking a more laid back angle for a while, I teach basics in photography and the music industry. Missin youz
Wendy xx



Hey ho howdy people.
Thursday 28th August 2003

Wooohooo.....just thought I'd pop in and have a look what's going on. I'M VERY BORED!!!! Who's here? Anyone??!?! ANYONE???? Hello? Hmph. Anyways. I have a joke. What's red and invisible? No Tomatoes.


Friday 17th October 2003

hello shaz!!


Tuesday 28th October 2003

Hello!!! It's VERY quiet on here, isn't it. Hmph. Oh well.


Thursday 13th November 2003

Sure is!


Wednesday 04th February 2004




Turn up for the books
Beeves & Des
Friday 20th December 2002

Me and des have been skint now for a bit due to lack of work.
With the last £30 we pulled together we put on an accumulator,
and our horse came in. Generally we would advise people not
to gamble, but f**k it, we've just won ourselves a lot of money.
Therefore we will be mostly going to Barbados for christmas.
All the best to all, merry christmas and we hope you all have
happy new year ........... WEHEY! "we're going to barbados,
in the sunny caribean sea....."


Saturday 21st December 2002

do you fancy taking along the SG9 bikini girl along with you?
i dont want to work at ASDA!



Hi Guys
Janine (some-one within the organisation)
Thursday 07th November 2002

Hi Guys

Keep popping on this site to see what you're up to, hope you're all well.

No doubt Merlin will take me and 'usband to see Mr Beever in action - yipppeeeee !!

Hope you're having fun whatever you're up to and it would be great to hear from anyone - does that sound desperate ?!?!?!

Milky - we're back, lets get in touch soon and make arrangements.

Loads of love
Janine & Mr Mild xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Friday 15th November 2002

Dear Mr & Mrs Mild, will be in touch very soon, I promise.

Love Mr Millward x



Rock and Roll FRENZY
Tuesday 05th November 2002

STOP PRESS!!!!!!!!!! EMBRACES WIZARD KEYBOARD TECH JOINS WESTERN SUBURBS FOR LIVE DATES!!!!!!!!!! 'Mr' Beever erstwhile keys supremo and Mickey Dales right hand man joins soon to be legendary low-fi rockers WESTERN SUBURBS and kick-ass delta blues garage thrash punk rockers Manchesters finest JACKIE 'O' at the LEEDS ROCKET ON FRI 29TH OF NOV. What with sometime Embrace percussionist and proffesional hanger-on Merlin threatening to deliver an eclectic mix on the decks and local band Zefa completing the bill along with free entrance in to the COCKPIT CLUB its no wonder people are already speaking of this as the gig of the decade!!!!!!!(sort of) dont miss it !!!!!


Friday 15th November 2002

Hello Merlin. Give Mr Beever (real name) my love. Tell him not to cock it up. Working on the 29th otherwise..............

Love Milky x


Mr Beever
Monday 18th November 2002

Aha Milky,
me, here, with my reputation...
I'll try my best milky, keep rockin' x



Donna Barnard
Sunday 20th October 2002

Hi Milky,Dave,

I didn't see the reply to my post was it funny or just stupid? There are some very immature people around but it was in vain cos I didn't see it!!!
Thanks for your concern, I am made of harder stuff, I will need to be getting into this industry :)
Hope you guys are well,
Donna xxx



Monday 07th October 2002

Does anyone come here anymore? Helllooooooo


Tuesday 08th October 2002

hello stranger, i'm still quietly lurking!!


Sunday 20th October 2002

I'm still here too, sometimes :-)



Saturday 14th September 2002

I know you said you never read this but thanks for putting up with my drunken rambling backstage at Reading this year! I embarassed myself in so many ways :



Dan Filby
Thursday 29th August 2002

Hi Gary, remember me? We worked together with Drugstore.

My friend Dan Fell told me about this site so i thought id say hello. Now i work at a college and The Square in Harlow occasionally.



'Real' EMbrace site
Mikey Watts
Tuesday 13th August 2002

What has happened to ?
seems to be kippered, have they pulled the plug?



Friday 19th July 2002

Hi Guys,
I now manage a band!
They are the hottest new Skate/Punk British band around.
Influences New Found Glory,Hundred Reasons,Incubus.
Anyone interested in coming to see their headlining gig, they will be at The Hope and Anchor/Islington Sat 27th July
Hope to see you there!!!
Donna xxxx


Sunday 20th October 2002

There was a rather nasty reply to Donnas messsge here.

While I do not believe in censorship of any kind, any anonymous messages of dubious content left on this message board that are directed at any other poster will be removed.




Good will out.
Wednesday 10th July 2002

Does anyone have any idea where i can find a "giant" poster of the Good will out album cover?



Site update
Friday 24th May 2002

Just a short message to say that one part of this site has today been updated! And that doesn't include this message page.

At some point in the future there will be a complete overhall of the site, but maybe not just yet.


Mr Beever
Saturday 25th May 2002

Yeah, come on Dave you slack git!


Monday 27th May 2002

Oi, Beeves!

Where's that new design then????



Need some traffic here?
Thursday 16th May 2002

not sure why, but i've just received this e-mail...
From : Christine Hall

Subject :


I visited, and noticed that you're not listed on some search engines! I think we can offer you a service which can help you increase traffic and the number of visitors to your website.

I would like to introduce you to We offer a unique technology that will submit your website to over 300,000 search engines and directories every month.

You'll be surprised by the low cost, and by how effective this website promotion method can be.

To find out more about TrafficMagnet and the cost for submitting your website to over 300,000 search engines and directories, visit

I would love to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Christine Hall
Sales and Marketing

On another note,
Why is all the text here centre-justified?
Congratulations, Gor :)


Chris Ryan
Thursday 16th May 2002

yeh, I got that email at the end of last year??? Thought it was maybe some web-crawler getting email addresses from websites in order to spam them? i dunno - what am i talking about.

yeh, congrats to gor. how is the wee yin keepin.


Thursday 23rd May 2002

You got it at the end of last year and I'm only receiving it now?!? How unfair and prejudiced. I'm disgusted. no really, i am.


Friday 24th May 2002

Just some webbot getting your email address off one of these message pages Raymond. Not much you can do about it, unfortunatley.

I get a LOT of spam email to the address I gave to plus a few virus emails.

And the text is left justified, at least it is on my system :-)



Thursday 02nd May 2002

Well done fella, hope youve had a few celebratory drinks me old mucka !

PS Hello everyone



well done gor
Wednesday 17th April 2002

well done mate , now you are one of us , here are a few tips . you are now void of all rythem , as you will find out as soon as you try to dance . but do not fear this is built in by mother nature to make sure you embaress your child whenever you take to the dance floor . you are now also part of the great uncool, again do not fear this is also mothers plan so as are kids do not turn out like us , for this i recommend the vise versa tactic i.e your a goth your boys a casual / your a casual your boys a goth never fails ,at the moment im teaching my girl that football is bad in the hope that she will love it just to spite me therefore enabeling me to watch it all the time . well done again mate, alfie is a cool cockney name



Mickey Dale
Thursday 11th April 2002

Congratulations you guys! Are you planning to wet Alfie's head?

Lots of love,

Mick and Paul xxxxxxxxx



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